Friday, January 8, 2016

The Frank Lytle House

Sister Rhonda (right), nephew, Vas, and me at the Frank Lytle House.
Descendants of John Frank Lytle (1854-1939) of Mecklenburg County, N.C., can learn more about his incredible life and his home, thanks to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Historic Preservation's website.

Lytle was my great-great grandfather. He was born a slave and became a prominent farmer and businessman in Mecklenburg County.

All of the Lytle children attended college. Two schools were named after the Lytle family -- Lytle's Grove School, which was a Rosenwald School, and the Torrence-Lytle School built in 1937, originally called the Huntersville Colored High School. The original Huntersville Colored School was built prior to 1925 (under Tuskegee), and rebuilt in 1925-26 with matching Rosenwald funds. The first school was organized by John Frank Lytle and Isaac Dale "Ike" Torrence.

The Frank Lytle house was demolished a few years ago, which broke my heart. I still can't bring myself to drive down that road.

I would love to see photographs of Lytle and other family members if anyone has them to share. I also collect funeral programs.

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  1. He was my great great grandfather as well. Which child did you come from?

  2. Hello. I apologize, but I'm just now seeing your comment and question. I know from your surname that you descend from Mary. I descend from Margaret. Hello, cousin.

  3. His brother, Emmanuel, is my great-great-great grandfather. Very informative. Thanks for sharing your research

    1. Thank you for your comments. Look for me on Facebook if you want to compare notes. We have a family group.