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North Carolina

  • Colored farmers meet. The Charlotte Observer, October 9, 1904, p. 6. [Rev. Dr. G.V. Clark; J.S. Leary; J.F. Lyttle (John Frank Lytle); John D. McCall; J.T. Sanders; Rev. Dr. C.C. Summerville; Col. C.S.L.A. Taylor]
  • Colored farmers meet: Hold annual conference. The Charlotte Observer, August 19, 1905, p. 6. [Prof. W.F. Massey; Prof. C.W. Burkett; R.W. Scott; D.J. Sanders; C.C. Moore;  D.O. Sanders; Oliver Peeler; Jno. Lyttle (Lytle); T.C.C. Foster; J.J. Graham]
  • Rally for colored folks. The Charlotte Observer, September 2, 1910, p.7 [J. Frank Lyttle (Lytle); W.H. Stinson; Dr. H.S. McCrorey; Dr. J.B. Dudley; Carey McCrorey; Annie P. Logan; Mary Lyttle (Lytle); Emma Dockery]
  • Interesting methods of farming are discussed. The Greensboro Daily News, February 26, 1911, p. 16. [Prof. Conover; Dr. J.M. Stedman; Prof. Sherman; J.F. Lyttle (Lytle); Oliver Peeler; Prof. Stinson; W.A. Richardson of Anson County; R.A. Alexander; L.W. White; Al. Russell; S.W.R. Slade; Thomas Harris; J.R. Quick]
  • Colored farmers meet at Biddle. The Charlotte News, September 1, 1911, p. 2. 
  • Colored Farmers in Mecklenburg: Frank Lytle's Story. The Charlotte Observer, September 26, 1912, p. 8. [J.M. Gray; (John) Frank Lytle; F.T. Meacham; Ben Powell]
  • Negro farmers' union holds annual meeting: Negroes are urged to stick to their jobs and make friends with white neighbors. The Charlotte Observer, September 5, 1919, p. 14.
  • Farmers agree to hold cotton off the market. The Charlotte News, September 13, 1920, p. 1. 
  • Officers named for new bank: Auten heads Huntersville institution which is to open doors soon. The Charlotte News, October 20, 1920, p. 15. [B.J. Alexander; C.F. Alexander; W.E. Alexander Jr.; C.S. Alston; T.D. Arledge; J.W. Auten Jr.; C.B. Barkley; E.C. Barkley; N.G. Beard; T.M. Beatty; J.M. Bingham; G.A. Boatwright; A.L. Boyle; J.L. Blythe; R.S. Blythe; S.C. Choate; Claude A. Cochrane; Joe G. Davidson; Ernest Ellison; R.L. Goode; Torrence Hemby; W.O. Henderson; A.A. Honeycutt; L.W. Johnston; J.A. Kerns; J.B. Kidd; Paris Kidd; R.M. Kidd; J.G. Long; J. Frank Lyttle (Lytle); W.C. McAuley; J.E. McIlwaine; C.E. Mooney; J.L. Parks; Thomas Pegram; Troy Peters; E.W. Pharr; H.A. Quickel; John W. Sheppard; F.A. Smith; J.W. Stevens; J.O. Walker; A.W. Wallace; Will Weill; Howard Wilson; W.P. Wilson]
  • Prize list announced for Lytle Grove Fair. The Charlotte Observer, November 12, 1920, p. 11. [Barbara Alexander; Katie Alexander; M.J. Alexander; Mary J. Alexander; Sam Alexander; Hattie Allison; Katie Allison; M.J. Allison; Ida Black; C.M. Cornor; Sylvia Cornor; Dora Davidson; Gladys Davidson; Mayne Davidson; Zeb Flowe; George Forney; Mayne Forney; C.E. Graham; Carrie Harris; Mable Harris; W.M. Howard; Hattie Kerns; John Kerns; Amanda Lytle; Cannie Lytle; Carrie Lytle; Connie Lytle; C.W. Lytle; E.C. Lytle; Ed Lytle; Elizabeth Lytle; Eva Lytle; J.C. Lytle; (John) Frank Lytle;  Lizzie Lytle; Mary Lytle; Naoma Lytle; Nancy Lytle; Roberta Lytle; Rosa Lytle; Ida McCorkle; Maggie McCorkle; Ida McElrath; Odell McElrath; S.W. McElrath; Nettie Miller; Betty Phifer; Mary Potts; Ada Reid; Lula Russell; Hattie Sherrill; Nance Sherrill; Mary Smith; Willie Smith; Carrie Torrence; Naoma Williams; R.T. Williams]
  • Negro fair held this week. The Charlotte News, October 26, 1921, p.15.
  • Officers for colored fair are selected. The Concord Daily Tribune, August 9, 1923, p. 2. [Nat Alexander; M.C. Boger; S.C. Boger; W.D. Connor; Waller Gilmer; J.D. Gordon; L.H. Handy; Will Harris; C.R. Johnson; E.W. Lawings; Frank Lytle; Bill Pharr; John Shankle; Silas White]  
  • North Carolina. The Modern Farmer 1(3), May 15, 1929, p. 15 (second column). [J.F. Lyle, Huntersville, owns between 7 and 8 hundred acres in Mecklenburg county.]      
  • Ante-bellum negress dies full of years and honors. The Charlotte Observer, August 17, 1930, p. 21. [Mary Lytle (Nance); Jerry Lytle; Capt. William Caldwell; (John) Frank Lytle; Emanuel Lytle; Rev. Levy J. Melton]
  • Aged farmer succumbs. The Carolina Times, December 9, 1939, p. 8. [John Frank Lytle; Lizzie (Elizabeth) Lytle; Anna Lytle (Litaker); Ed (Edward) Lytle; John Lytle; Willie Lytle; Dorothy Lytle]


The following books include the family surnames and the names of individuals I am researching. Many include the names of family members who were enslaved.


  • Pattillo, Edward. Carolina Planters on the Alabama Frontier: The Spencer-McKenzie Family Papers. NewSouth Books, 2011.


  • Bailey, Cornelia Walker. God, Dr. Buzzard, and the Bolito Man. Anchor, 2001.
  • Cooper, Melissa. Making Gullah A History of Sapelo Islanders, Race, and the American Imagination. University of North Carolina Press, 2017. 
  • Crook, Ray, Harris, Norma, Smith, Karen, and Bailey, Cornelia Walker. Sapelo Voices: Historical Anthropology and the Oral Traditions of Gullah-Geechee Communities on Sapelo Island. University of West Georgia, 2002.
  • Johnson, Michele Nicole. Sapelo Island's Hog Hammock. Arcadia Publishing, 2007.

North Carolina

  • Caldwell, Bee Jay. Historic Pottstown Families in Stories and Photos. Warren Publishing, 2016.
  • Cannon, Katie Geneva. Katie's Canon: Womanism and the Soul of the Black Community. Continuum, 1998.
  • Flono, Fannie. Thriving in the Shadows. Novello Festival Press, 2007.
  • Torrence, Robert McIlvaine. Torrence and Allied Families. The Wickersham Press, 1938. Online Access.
  • Williams, Ann. Your Affectionate Daughter, Isabella. Historical Images, 2001.
  • Williams, James H., Williams, Ann. The Davidsons of Rural Hill: The First Three Generations on a Piedmont Plantation. McFarland, 2020.

South Carolina

  • Cousar, J. Down the Waxhaw Road: The Life Story of the Rev. John Cousar, a Plain, Practical, Presbyterian Preacher. 1953 
  • Johnson, Robert Brown. Genealogy of the McWillie and Cunningham Families. R.L. Bryan Co., 1938. Online Access 
  • Moore, P. N., World of Toil and Strife: Community Transformation in Backcountry South Carolina, 1750-1805. Classic Reprint, 2018. (Waxhaws, SC Crawford, Cousar/Cousart). Dissertation:
  • Myers, Virginia Peay. The Family History of Nicholas Peay. Self-Published.
  • Myers, Virginia Peay. Mt. Carmel Memories Through Stories, Pictures, and Poetry. Self-Published, 1998.
  • Pattillo, Edward. Carolina Planters on the Alabama Frontier: The Spencer-McKenzie Family Papers. NewSouth Books, 2011.

Documents, Correspondence & Images

North Carolina

South Carolina

Oral History Projects

North Carolina

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