North Carolina

Colored farmers meet. The Charlotte Observer, October 9, 1904, p. 6. [Rev. Dr. G.V. Clark; J.S. Leary; J.F. Lyttle (John Frank Lytle); John D. McCall; J.T. Sanders; Rev. Dr. C.C. Summerville; Col. C.S.L.A. Taylor]

Colored farmers meet: Hold annual conference. The Charlotte Observer, August 19, 1905, p. 6. [Prof. W.F. Massey; Prof. C.W. Burkett; R.W. Scott; D.J. Sanders; C.C. Moore;  D.O. Sanders; Oliver Peeler; Jno. Lyttle (Lytle); T.C.C. Foster; J.J. Graham]

Rally for colored folks. The Charlotte Observer, September 2, 1910, p.7 [J. Frank Lyttle (Lytle); W.H. Stinson; Dr. H.S. McCrorey; Dr. J.B. Dudley; Carey McCrorey; Annie P. Logan; Mary Lyttle (Lytle); Emma Dockery]

Interesting methods of farming are discussed. The Greensboro Daily News, February 26, 1911, p. 16. [Prof. Conover; Dr. J.M. Stedman; Prof. Sherman; J.F. Lyttle (Lytle); Oliver Peeler; Prof. Stinson; W.A. Richardson of Anson County; R.A. Alexander; L.W. White; Al. Russell; S.W.R. Slade; Thomas Harris; J.R. Quick]

Colored farmers meet at Biddle. The Charlotte News, September 1, 1911, p. 2. 

Colored Farmers in Mecklenburg: Frank Lytle's Story. The Charlotte Observer, September 26, 1912, p. 8. [J.M. Gray; (John) Frank Lytle; F.T. Meacham; Ben Powell]

Negro farmers' union holds annual meeting: Negroes are urged to stick to their jobs and make friends with white neighbors. The Charlotte Observer, September 5, 1919, p. 14.

Farmers agree to hold cotton off the market. The Charlotte News, September 13, 1920, p. 1. 

Officers named for new bank: Auten heads Huntersville institution which is to open doors soon. The Charlotte News, October 20, 1920, p. 15. [B.J. Alexander; C.F. Alexander; W.E. Alexander Jr.; C.S. Alston; T.D. Arledge; J.W. Auten Jr.; C.B. Barkley; E.C. Barkley; N.G. Beard; T.M. Beatty; J.M. Bingham; G.A. Boatwright; A.L. Boyle; J.L. Blythe; R.S. Blythe; S.C. Choate; Claude A. Cochrane; Joe G. Davidson; Ernest Ellison; R.L. Goode; Torrence Hemby; W.O. Henderson; A.A. Honeycutt; L.W. Johnston; J.A. Kerns; J.B. Kidd; Paris Kidd; R.M. Kidd; J.G. Long; J. Frank Lyttle (Lytle); W.C. McAuley; J.E. McIlwaine; C.E. Mooney; J.L. Parks; Thomas Pegram; Troy Peters; E.W. Pharr; H.A. Quickel; John W. Sheppard; F.A. Smith; J.W. Stevens; J.O. Walker; A.W. Wallace; Will Weill; Howard Wilson; W.P. Wilson]

Prize list announced for Lytle Grove Fair. The Charlotte Observer, November 12, 1920, p. 11. [Barbara Alexander; Katie Alexander; M.J. Alexander; Mary J. Alexander; Sam Alexander; Hattie Allison; Katie Allison; M.J. Allison; Ida Black; C.M. Cornor; Sylvia Cornor; Dora Davidson; Gladys Davidson; Mayne Davidson; Zeb Flowe; George Forney; Mayne Forney; C.E. Graham; Carrie Harris; Mable Harris; W.M. Howard; Hattie Kerns; John Kerns; Amanda Lytle; Cannie Lytle; Carrie Lytle; Connie Lytle; C.W. Lytle; E.C. Lytle; Ed Lytle; Elizabeth Lytle; Eva Lytle; J.C. Lytle; (John) Frank Lytle;  Lizzie Lytle; Mary Lytle; Naoma Lytle; Nancy Lytle; Roberta Lytle; Rosa Lytle; Ida McCorkle; Maggie McCorkle; Ida McElrath; Odell McElrath; S.W. McElrath; Nettie Miller; Betty Phifer; Mary Potts; Ada Reid; Lula Russell; Hattie Sherrill; Nance Sherrill; Mary Smith; Willie Smith; Carrie Torrence; Naoma Williams; R.T. Williams]

Negro fair held this week. The Charlotte News, October 26, 1921, p.15.

Officers for colored fair are selected. The Concord Daily Tribune, August 9, 1923, p. 2. [Nat Alexander; M.C. Boger; S.C. Boger; W.D. Connor; Waller Gilmer; J.D. Gordon; L.H. Handy; Will Harris; C.R. Johnson; E.W. Lawings; Frank Lytle; Bill Pharr; John Shankle; Silas White]  

North Carolina. The Modern Farmer 1(3), May 15, 1929, p. 15 (second column). [J.F. Lyle, Huntersville, owns between 7 and 8 hundred acres in Mecklenburg county.]      

Ante-bellum negress dies full of years and honors. The Charlotte Observer, August 17, 1930, p. 21. [Mary Lytle (Nance); Jerry Lytle; Capt. William Caldwell; (John) Frank Lytle; Emanuel Lytle; Rev. Levy J. Melton]

Aged farmer succumbs. The Carolina Times, December 9, 1939, p. 8. [John Frank Lytle; Lizzie (Elizabeth) Lytle; Anna Lytle (Litaker); Ed (Edward) Lytle; John Lytle; Willie Lytle; Dorothy Lytle]

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